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Our team at www.oceanairenvironmental.com understand that our oceans are home to so many marine lives. They provide us with fish and other types of sea foods. We all enjoy the beach, cruising and various water activities such as surfing. However, the oceans have been at our receiving end. We pollute the ocean without regard to what we are getting ourselves into. Solid waste, oil spills, a rise in water temperature and other forms of pollutants constantly find their way into our oceans. These pollutants impact our oceans and marine life negatively. Nitrogenous waste from fertilizers washed from our gardens into oceans contributes to uncontrolled growth of algae. These algae deprive oxygen from the water leaving it inhabitable to marine life. Solid waste washed into our oceans or dropped by unaware sailors clog up our oceans. This waste can be eaten by large fish such as tiger sharks with detrimental effects on their health. Let us look into various ways that we can be environmentally friendly to our oceans.

How we think we can help : 

- Reduce carbon emissions: carbon emissions have an effect to climate change. They lead to a raise in the oceans water temperatures. This disrupts marine life by affecting spawning and their habitat. Use appliances that do not emit carbon and use public transportation rather than drive.

- Lower use of plastic products: these plastics find their way into our oceans contributing to habitat destruction and entangling marine animals leading to their loss.

- Clean up the beach: make sure you clean after you visit the beach. Participate in beach cleanup programs and avoid disrupting things you find on the beach.

- Practice responsible ocean use: while cruising, avoid dumping your garbage into the ocean. Be aware of your set path to avoid disrupting marine life habitats.

- Support organizations protecting the oceans: volunteer or contribute financially to help organizations working to protect ocean habitats and marine life.

- Avoid purchase of items that exploit marine life: coral jewelry and shark products are some of the products that harm marine life. Avoid purchasing such to protect marine life.

We all have a duty to protect our oceans.  We hope we can help educate you, your family, friends and community on the benefits of protecting our oceans.



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Sara Woodward

Sara is a self proclaimed hippie, and lover of all things. She aims to help educate people of the effects of climate change on our world, and our legacy.